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Melissa Waine

Medical writer,

grant writer 

& health communicator

Melissa delivers high quality, evidence- based medical and healthcare content to meet your communication needs. 


Her expertise includes writing for a variety of audiences, including specialists, GPs, healthcare professionals, government, research organisations, not-for-profit organisations, consumers and the public.




Services include:


* Translation of complex medical research for your target audience: specialists, GPs, healthcare professionals, government, research organisations, not-for-profit organisations, consumers and the public.


* Grant writing and editing for medical research/ government tender/ NDIS/ business development grants.


* Writing, editing and proofreading for medical and healthcare content or journal manuscript. 


* Clear and concise content creation for your website, journal, blog, speech, company, grant proposal or pharmaceutical company.



Recent work includes:


* GP education for a government-owned healthcare company.

* Grant and Fellowship writing and editing.

* Writing for start up companies and for not-for-profit research institutes.

* Medical writing (eDetailing) for healthcare professionals.

* Symposium medical writer for a multinational pharmaceutical company. 

* Pharmaceutical product/ market analysis for a multinational healthcare communication agency.

* Website content for not-for-profit healthcare organisations, medical specialists and companies.

* Blog content creation for medical specialists and start up healthcare companies. 

* Regular contributor to an evidence-based research review healthcare blog.

* Medical writing feature articles for the leading magazine for GPs.

* PhD and Masters writing assistance for private individuals.

* Literature research and review.

* Reference finding for major pharmaceutical brands.


Recent published work includes:


Crohn's and Colitis National Action Plan 2018


Sydney Morning Herald 30 July 2019






Melissa has extensive experience in research and writing for pharmaceutical companies, healthcare communication agencies, not-for-profit organisations, start-ups, research institutes, government bodies, universities, and private individuals. 


Her academic background is in science (molecular biology) and commerce (economics).


A native English speaker, Melissa is based in Sydney and provides remote services to a global clientele. She also has experience working with people who have difficulties in writing their own content due to visual impairment/ dyslexia/ dyspraxia. 


Melissa is a member of the Australian Medical Writers Association. 


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T: 0403 178 917

ABN: 59067694079



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